Harnessing digital technology to improve health outcomes

iMOKO™ is an innovative approach developed by Navilluso Medical Limited, utilising technology to deliver high quality basic health services with a focus on communities with high needs - particularly vulnerable children.  The centrepiece of iMOKO™ is smart software that has been developed specifically for community based virtual health services managed by the communities themselves.  

The iMOKO™ programme places technology (smart tablets with iMOKO™ software) into schools and trains approved people to conduct health assessments of common child health problems.

Information that is gathered at this point of care using this technology is interpreted by a telehealth team in the cloud using smart software supported by machine learning to make an accurate and prompt diagnosis and treatment.  Cases are approved by a telehealth clinician and treatment in the form of medication prescriptions is sent back to parents and caregivers of children by way of an iMOKO™ Parent App.

As well as being able to receive barcoded prescriptions that families can present to a pharmacy, the iMOKO™ Parent App is a functional mobile patient portal where parents can access the information held about their children.

The use of smart technology reduces the reliance on costly and difficult to source health professionals and increases the speed and efficiency that improved health outcomes can be achieved.  The information collected is then assessed using rapid and accurate management.  The use of technology to automate aspects of health services is one of the most effective ways to manage growing health costs and reducing health budgets.  Therefore, this approach attempts to address an opportunity that exists in the health sector to be able to provide more health to more people for less money.

As at July 2018, ten thousand children in over 260 early childhood centres, Kohanga Reo, primary, intermediate and secondary schools, receive this innovative form of healthcare using digital technologies.

iMOKO™ offers health checks for children, which take place at their Kohanga Reo, daycare or school, to help prevent the complications caused by untreated health problems such as:

  • Skin Infections
  • Dental Infections
  • Strep Throat Infections
  • Head Lice
  • Other Health Problems

The health information collected about a child is shared with their Doctor and any other relevant health professional authorised by the child's parent(s) to receive this information.

iMOKO™ serves to uphold the mission to democratise healthcare by putting everyday technology in everyday peoples' hands where they live, work and play, achieving improved outcomes by the people for the people.