The iMOKO™ Team

At iMOKO we have a team of highly skilled experts who bring unique sets of knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to their roles and ensure service delivery that is second to none.

Lance O'Sullivan
Founder & Managing Director



Sir Peter Blake Emerging Leader Award 2013
Public Health Association Public Health Champion Award 2013
TVNZ Māori of the Year 2013

Dr Lance O'Sullivan is a Māori doctor whose tribal affiliations are Te Rarawa, Ngāti Hau and Ngāti Maru.  

Harnessing the skills he acquired from his cultural heritage and medical training, Lance and his wife Tracy established Navilluso Medical - a healthcare company committed to developing innovative ways to ensure appropriate and quality healthcare reached the right people in the right place at the right time.

Lance is an accomplished author, national and international speaker, role model and disruptive leader and innovator.  From a young boy labeled by society as a trouble maker, he developed into a passionate advocate for Māori health.  He is a pioneer for equal healthcare in his community and a champion for creating a fairer New Zealand.

In June 2013, Lance made the headlines when he left his former employer after a difference in patient philosophy - he believed in treating patients regardless of whether or not they could afford treatment.  He left disillusioned with a system that failed to deliver the care needed for his patients and vowed to change the system for the better.  Now ensconced in the Far North of New Zealand, Lance has set about making this happen.

Lance and Tracy have seven beautiful children (5 boys and 2 girls).  They live and work in Kaitaia, a remote and challenged area of rural New Zealand.  Lance truly believes that he has led a charmed life and even now reflects on this...

"I used to feel that I should pinch myself to see if how life had played out for me was real or a dream"

Lance founded Navilluso Medical, inspired by the opportunities that he himself had experienced in life and which allowed him to grow and develop into a well-educated, well-rounded, family man and community leader.

Today, as the Managing Director, Lance is truly passionate about and devoted to delivering more care to more people for less cost.

Tracy O'Sullivan
Director & Corporate Services Manager


Mā te tini, mā mano, ka rapa te whai.  By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished.

Tracy hails from Te Arawa and after many years in Rotorua, moved with husband Lance to the beautiful Far North (their home for the last 11 years).

Mother to seven children, aged between 7 and 23 years, Tracy identifies with the challenges facing whānau today.  Her basis for becoming involved in the company alongside her husband was the desire to inspire and offer support and manaaki to those whānau, tamariki and rangatahi who need it the most.

Trevor Beatson
Chief Operations Officer


Te Rarawa | Ngapuhi

Trevor describes himself as a Fisherman and Diver but he is our Chief Operations Officer. Prior to this role he had 21 years law enforcement experience, during which he spent the last 11 years as a Detective Sergeant leading the Far North investigative branch.

Trevor is married to Danielle and they have four children aged 12, 17, 19 and 21. He moved north to escape the city, return to familial roots and raise his family in the coastal environment.

Eddie Evans
Operations Manager


Eddie joined the iMOKO team in October 2017 as the Operations Manager.

Georgina Peterson
Telehealth Team Leader


Ko Tawhitirahi te maunga
Ko Awapoka te awa
Ko Parengarenga te moana
Ko Te Aupouri te iwi
Ko Georgina Peterson ahau

I have been working with the iMOKOâ„¢ team since it started here in the Far North - originally throat swabbing in six schools.  I have seen five years worth of tamariki go through our programme.  It is a privilege working for our whānau to ensure their children are on the pathway to hauora.  My namesake, Hareruia Kaaka, died in his early thirties from Rheumatic Fever and I feel guided to ensure that others, children and young adults, have a better quality of life than he had.  It is great working alongside a team who feel passionate about our children and their wellbeing.

Kody Peterson
Telehealth Aide


Kia ora koutou
Ko Kody Peterson ahau
Ko Te Aupouri te iwi
Ko Te Kao te haukainga

I am a Kaiarahi for the iMOKOâ„¢ team.  The iMOKOâ„¢ team has made me realise that we can make a huge contribution to the hauora of our tamariki.  We can empower them to take control of their own health as well as the health of their whānau.  It is a privilege to work in the iMOKOâ„¢ team and the people in our community.

Lucy Wharerau
Telehealth Aide


Ko Te Aupouri te iwi
Ko Te Kao toku kainga
Ko Lucy Wharerau ahau

I worked at Kaitaia Primary School for the past four years.  During this time I came to learn how important it is for tamariki to be healthy to be able to learn at school.  I am now a Kaiarahi with the iMOKO™ team. 

I enjoy working for a programme that is helping to make it easier for people to access the medical help they need and contributing towards a healthier future generation in Aotearoa.

Te Miringa O'Sullivan
Telehealth Aide


Te Rarawa, Ngapuhi, Ngati Maru, Te Arawa

Te Miringa is a University Student working with the Telehealth Team during the Summer Semester break.

Gdynia King (Giddy)
Digital Health Co-ordinator


Ko Ngāti Porou me Ngāti Kahungunu oku iwi

No Awanui toku kainga noho

I started with the iMOKO programme in schools as a volunteer.  I was one of the lucky volunteers chosen to accept an award in Wellington from the Minister of Health on behalf of our Kaituao Digital Health Aides.  I am now employed as a Digital Health Co-ordinator.  I am so proud and passionate about my mahi and working with tamariki, ensuring they get their health needs met.

Marlene O'Sullivan
Health Promoter


Nate Walker
Senior Technical Advisor


Dr Joel Pirini
Medical Officer


Shelley Turner
Executive Assistant to Dr Lance O'Sullivan


Ko Te Aroha te maunga
Ko Waihou te awa
Ko Tikapa te moana
Ko Tainui te waka
Ko Ngāti Rāhiri Tumutumu te iwi
No Hauraki ahau